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toil & trouble

In case you didn't see it before Return of the King, the teaser trailer for Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban [ opening June 4 ] is now online.

Does it look particularly Cuarón-ish? Michael Gambon as Dumbledore? etc.


very wicked looking.

you know his name is just like mine aside from the u.

i didn't get to see the preview before ROTK. pissed i am.
Yeah. I thought it was kind of hard to tell what the new movie would be like from that preview since it's so many quick cuts. It's weird that it's being released in June instead of Thanksgiving.

you should start using the acute mark over the "o" in your name just to be cool.

the other previews before LOTR: ROTK were really really stupid. like Butterfly Effect stupid.
I can't remember which previews we saw before ROTK. But I really wish it had been Harry Potter! I'm sort of glad it's coming out in June, because that is earlier than November. Did you know there's a new director for the 4th movie, but that the kids will be the same? How many directors will they go through? Who's making sure the consistency stays the same?
All I can say is they'd better hurry if they're going to keep using the same kids (which I'm in favor of. changing kids would be weird). If they take two years of real time per movie the kids are going to be pretty old by the end!
I agree. Changing kids would be super stupid, but they'd better hurry the hell up. At the same time though, actors always play less than their age. For example, the guy who played Oliver Wood (a 16/17 year old character) is in his early 20s. So I think they can probably keep it going for a bit, even if the kids become older than their characters.


apparently the director of Goblet of Fire will be Mike Newell.

Re: hmmm...

Yeah, he's got a couple of good things under his belt, but also some not-so-good things. Je sais pas.