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the only earth?

is this why we're at code orange again?

I imagine that everyone's already seen this story:

Saddam was held by Kurdish forces, drugged and left for US troops [Yahoo!]

I haven't been watching the news, but it seems like a big deal. Has it been in wide circulation?



Just like everything else that's in some way anti-Bush, it hasn't seen the light of day on CNN and the like.
I haven't seen anything on the tv news about this. I have seen a whole lot about the mad cow disease case in Washington state though.
Its not on any big news site (at least online).
I have also watched the news all day, (MSNBC, Today Show, CNN) and the only news is 1) mad cow 2) one year of laci peterson 3) some bombing in Iraq 4) santa's preperations

pretty pathetic