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i am not a stuffed tiger.

three days. one rushed post.

Um. Let's see. Thursday I went to work and had a meeting and tried to get things ready for me to leave for a week. By early afternoon I decided that my time would be better spent downtown, for myself (finding nothing) and others (moderately successful). I barely had enough time to bring my parcels home and catch a bus back downtown to meet Rachel, Charles, and Elena in line at the Cinerama for Return of the King. We ate take-out sushi from Musashi while waiting, but I was late and Rachel and I stayed outside (thinking it was not possible to sneak food inside) expecting the others to save us seats. That didn't work out, but we ended up finding great recently abandoned seats downstairs in the center.

Return of the King was spectacular, and I decided that I was glad not to have read the books. I had no idea what would happen, which made the movie more exciting. Now, I'm kind of sad that it's over, which is kind of the tone at the end of the story; so that seems appropriate.

All of Friday was spent in transit. I find it a little upsetting when I can't identify things from the sky. Now I'm in Michigan. The ground is covered with a little bit of snow, but it's not horribly cold.

Today was mostly spent shopping with my mom and going to a party at my aunt's house. I expect that I'll be able to finish much of the shopping tomorrow. We're going to meet my sister and uncle in Grand Rapids which will afford many possibilities for gift buying.


8:13!! You should have come down to the Petersons, as I didn't arrive until around then. I think around 11:15 when I drove past your house on my way home - you were standing in your bedroom window. Of course I could have been hallicinating. It's so weird that we're so close right now but haven't seen each other. I kept thinking I saw you in the mall today, but when I'd look closer it wasn't you.

How much do I owe you for the baby gift again? My paypal is ready.

Also, I was glad I hadn't read the books b/c the movie was crazy for me. I am sad it's over, but like you said - so were the characters!


Have fun in GR. My friend Rachel who lives in GR is coming here to visit me tomorrow. Had I known, I would've hitched a ride wtih you all to see her new house (as I am carless).

Ah well. Again, see you soon!
My computer is still on Seattle time! We just got home from the party when you drove past.

We didn't even go to the mall. Actually, we barely went shopping. My mom needed to mail some gifts and then I started looking at snowboarding jackets. So, I guess my sister & I will power shop in the next couple of days.

(your share of the baby gift is $21.60.)
Oh! Makes sense now.

I'll get that paypal to you right away.