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wasting money on warm beverages

fast forwarding thought the dull bits: wake up early, class, downtown, meeting. That's not fair to today's class. The woman from the Gates Foundation gave a really good, comprehensive talk about HIV/AIDS. One of her slides estimated that about 7 billion dollars per year would save a lot of lives. Another showed the percentage of GNI that developed countries spend on international development. The US is at the bottom of the list. I already knew this, but it's still infuriating.

After the exec committee I went to Solstice to work on my paper for class. I thought that since we have a group meeting tomorrow, it might be a good idea to get something together. I drank two big cups of bad tea while two great CDs played (Weezer's Blue album, and Radiohead Amnesiac). Cup number one was chai and I forgot to order nonfat milk. Cup number two was Oolong. It tasted like feet. So I guess I didn't really drink two full cups.

Holy shit. This journal entry has been too much fun. And me with much to do before I sleep.

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