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the only earth?

bank error in your favor

I just received a letter informing me that I was identified as a member of the class of Citibank customers eligible for a refund under the terms of a settlement reached in a class action lawsuit.

Included with the letter is a refund check for $0.09!


I hate class action law suits like that. Now, most people aren't going to cash that .09 check (and I know you won't b/c you hate checks) so will citibank actually pay the money they were supposed to pay in the lawsuit?
And in the end, and to the average folk, they look all honest and efficient for bothering to go through the trouble to give back those few cents.

It's all win for them. I hate business.
I just looked at the letter ...

"Pursuant to the terms of the settlement, all proceeds from uncashed checks will be donated to charity."

I guess it doesn't say which charity, but it does seem better than Citibank just keeping whatever doesn't get cashed. At the very least, it makes me feel a little better about not cashing the $0.09 check right away.
okay, that's better then.