josh (joshc) wrote,

ashes to ashes

Dan Savage's eulogy for the Abercrombie & Fitch Quarterly:
Let's pause here for a moment and mourn the passing of A&F Quarterly, that company's crass, manipulative, transparent, and wildly successful effort to sell T-shirts and boxer shorts by draping them on or near impossibly good-looking young men and women posed in tableaux that suggested group sex, homosexual acts, sexual assault, female-on-male rape, or all of the above. A&F Quarterly provided awesome masturbation material for a generation of young men and women; it inspired countless young heterosexual males to do their sit-ups and wear their boxer shorts around their necks, and taught them not to fear boy-boy-girl three-ways. Bowing to pressure from conservative Christians, feminists, and other killjoys, A&F announced last week that it was discontinuing the catalog. RIP, A&FQ--you will be missed. [stranger]

They do occasionally have good mp3s.
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