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chair, apartment

death is your gift

It's pretty horrible, but I still have unpacked suitcases and boxes all over my apartment. This morning, I was forced to unpack some of it so that I'd have something to use for when I go back to Michigan on Friday. Of course, I won't actually pack my suitcase until the last possible moment, but this is my version of preparation.

I stopped at the Green Cat Cafe on the way to work and waited around forever for a really good sandwich. I may not have actually waited forever, but they operated at a different pace and I was kind of starving.

I met Carole for Ethiopian food at Queen Sheeba. Even though we'd only been there once (a few weeks ago), the server remembered us. It was kind of stranger, but endearing. After dinner, we went to B&O for really good, but completely unnecessary dessert. I think that the spongy Ethiopian bread is expanding in my stomach. I might die from fullness.


Yes, it's best to account for the expansion while eating. Where is Queen Sheeba?
I know. And the Poire Rouge at B & O didn't help.

Queen Sheeba is on John, a block off Broadway. It seems as good as the other Ethiopian places I've been to (Assimba & Mesob).
Yes! That place is my favorite too (though I never know what it's called).

freaking me out

this page is freaking me out - or i should say format.

anywho - what airline are you flying and what time do you get in? flying to kazoo or dtw?

just curious, you'll probably come a lot later than me since you're flying across country!!!!

can't wait to see you. . .

Re: freaking me out


I'll be arriving in Kalamazoo at around 9 pm tomorrow. You?

Re: freaking me out

Format - that the background is black and foreground is white. It's just odd is all. Isn't this old school??

Anyhow - I'm getting in much earlier - 4pm.

What font is this? It's nice. I like the numbers. 1234567890