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chair, apartment

no matter how round it feels it's still flat

Today's cold and rainy weather squelched any xmas related shopping ambitions I thought I should have had. Instead, I spent most of the day at home sort of cooking my meals and being drawn into various compelling cable television programs including Celebrity Poker Showdown Challenge, a BBC makeover show, a Rich Girls marathon, and a Michigan State basketball game that was, for some unknown reason, being played on a football field.

I had half planned to go see Minus the Bear / United State of Electronica / the Lashes tonight, but it turns out that half-plans are prone to falling through. So, deciding to stay in for the night, probably during the millionth Real World/Road Rules gauntlet challenge, I gave up on the television and turned to my bookshelf to start reading The Wind Up Bird Chronicle, a gift from last year.


i watched the rich girls marathon last saturday.. the dog episode was horrible
I was cooking during the beginning of that episode and didn't really understand how returning the Prada bag could save the dog's life. I guess it's complicated being young and wealthy!