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your pet will pounce on me

another day of sleeping in and going to work on stuff. I've taken to walking to/from my office, since waiting for the bus seems kind of silly.

I dropped my stuff off at the apartment and met Carole, Jon, and Kate for dinner at Noodle Ranch. Afterwards, we walked around Belltown trying to think of a place to get dessert and ended up downtown and without any great options. By the time we looped back to Ralph's it was time for Kate to leave and for us to get in the giant line for The Two Towers at Cinerama.

The extended edition was really good (maybe I just forgot parts from the original version), but it was very long. It felt like we were on an airplane with people constantly getting up to go to the bathroom.

I like the movies so much that I now wish that I'd read the books. Unfortunately I don't think that I can catch up in time for Return of the King.

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