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chair, apartment

drink to stay warm

I slept in, looked at the internet, and had miso soup for breakfast/lunch. By that time, it seemed really difficult to motivate myself to go to the office. Instead, I decided that going to Victrola made more sense. Better to have caffeine and the potential for catching up with email and reading than sitting on the couch watching Tucker Carlson and Margaret Carlson "debating" on CNN.

For the most part, this strategy worked. The caramel latte improved my wakefulness, but not my attention span. Moving and deleting email messages is a weird form of satisfaction achievement.

After a while, I left and went to Sonic Boom to buy the Unicorns CD that someone recommended when I told them that I was having a Microphones day. I don't really think that the comparison was completely valid. I think it will take another listen before I should be too judgemental.

Soon I'll be going to hear Jonathan Goldstein at Zeitgeist. It's another part of the Seattle nextbook series. Again, no tickets so who knows?


i've heard a lot of good things about the unicorns album, but no comparisons to the microphones. i'd heard it was more of a lo-fi, poppy, elephant 6-by-way-of-canada sound.
your description is much more accurate. It was a challenging 1st listen and I haven't yet given it a second chance.
Did you listen to the Jonathan Goldstein segement on NPR this afternoon? It was funny what various interviewers were saying about him in previous radio segments.
No, I didn't.

I went with a friend who heard it this morning. Maybe I should search around to see if the audio is online.


Jonathan Goldstein read a couple of pieces that had been on This American Life and a couple that I hadn't heard. I think I like his stories because they have such a nice balance of flat matter-of-fact sadness and humor and sort of exist on the line between fantasy and reality. I'm interested to hear what other people have to say.
Oh he's great! He's the guy that did the story about the famous phone message from Columbia!
here's the audio from "The Beat" finally online. (Skip to ~21 minutes)

Some of his other stories involve the romantic lives of superheroes and re-writes of the Bible.

At his reading, he was accompanied by a klezmer violinist!