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chair, apartment

the what I did post

Went up to the U-district to drop off my homework. While I was there, I walked up to Shultzy's to pay Tim for my remaining art purchases and went over to the house to pick up purses and and a painting. With the goods in hand, I visited the old familiar U-D post office to complete my art brokering duties.

I worked at the office for the rest of the afternoon until it was time to go to the Irish Emigrant for the pub quiz. We were sitting in a place where it was hard to hear the questions; so we'll blame that for our finishing score. After the quiz, I hung out while Rachel, Jon, & Kate sang a few karaoke numbers. They didn't take my advice on songs even though they used my name as their group name.

For our last day of class John Storey guest lectured about the false discovery rate, multiple comparisons, and microarrays. Good timing, since my new project will be dealing with this stuff. At work, I printed a few references and hope to read them tonight or tomorrow.


oh man, if I had seen it before today and it wasn't already sold that painting would be the top of my Xmas wish list! Perfect for my new room. the stars, the light blue..the red... *swoon*
one of the perks of living with the artist = good selection when artist needs $$ and decides to sell paintings for cheap!