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the only earth?

also in the washington post

Have I mentioned that I hate the National Zoo?

Well, I really don't like zoos in general, but the National Zoo is particularly appalling.


yeah, that's a shitty zoo. they probably don't get much funding.. a lot of zoos are poor and such.

there should just be one super zoo in the United States that receives a ton of funding and all the animals from the other zoos can go to that and the land would be vast and all that.
yes. I think that's why I hate it even more. It is the National Zoo. One would think it should be good, instead of completely and utterly awful. I went one day while I was living in D.C. and saw all of the miserable animals.

Only the Orang Utans were in mildly decent conditions -- they could leave their concrete boxes to swing across the park to a learning lab.