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the only earth?

exciting news

Al Gore is going to endorse Dean for the Democratic Nomination. Maybe it was my letter that convinced him?

That said, Kucinich got a pretty impressive endorsement too -- Grandfather Twilight and his forest friends:

[via candid]


this rules!!!

I wish anthropomorphic pets with ESP really took the place of our electorate system:

If that jpg was higher resolution, I'd be tempted to get it printed on a t-shirt.

On the first Tuesday of November, all american housepets converge in the forest to hold a secret election ... With the endorsement from Mother Earth, Kucinich is a shoe-in for president!

That picture is infinitely funnier than the crow, but I felt like I needed to be slightly different than the post I copied.
I think it was definitely MY letter to Al that changed his mind. For sure.

In sad but not surprising news, I found out today that my Professional Organization - NCAE - is endorsing John Edwards. What a crock. And now they're not sure they're going to let me say a few words about Dean on Wednesday at our meeting.
It's time for you to overthrow your union's leadership!


This is why I love/hate unions. They're generally good, but I'm a little uncomfortable about the opinion control when it's not convenient to my own agenda. I'll never forget all of the union people who were basically afraid to talk to us when we were campaigning for Nick at the Michigan Democratic Convention during his bid for Trustee.
I agree wholeheartedly. It's annoying that they control so much of the masses opinions. I just emailed her (the local pres.) and encouraged her to let me talk or set up a table, that although we respect their endorsements it's still important for each of us to understand the candidates.
i guess gore must really be convinced dean is the best candidate. most major dems are staying away from endorsing anyone until the primaries narrow the field.

safire's column today was an interesting one. i'm not sure that moderates would really vote for bush in order to guarantee hillary in '08, but at this point, i doubt it will matter.