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Oh boy! It's that time again, the Strangercrombie Holiday Gift Catalog is available with lots of choice items!

Video of Kathleen Wilson Off Capitol Hill
This one-of-a-kind videotape features actual footage of ... Kathleen Wilson--known far and wide as an intractable Capitol Hill denizen--actually leaving Capitol Hill! Watch as Wilson gets in a cab outside her beloved Cha Cha Lounge for a ride to exotic Ballard, where she'll walk around for a full 15 minutes! [stranger]
[ bid (but only if you're willing to share with me! ]

That's just one of many choice options. If you're looking for a perfect gift for me, there's the "God of SIFF" (two full season passes). But my real dream gift is Serve as Stranger Obbudsman for a week and hang out at noontime with A. Birch Steen!:
Become The Stranger's official ombudsman for a week and air your grievances about our paper in our very own pages. As an added bonus, receive tips and guidance from our ombudsman A. Birch Steen himself over a drink!

A Critical Overview is consistently my favorite column in the Stranger; finding out that A. Birch Steen is a real person is very exciting. (though it's probably not a coincidence that it's an anagram for Steinbacher)

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