josh (joshc) wrote,

a week in august (SRMM)

the last seven days (sat - today):

throw and catch frisbees in ravenna park. listen to Those Peabodys, John Vanderslice, and Spoon at the Crocodile. Downtown is really weird because of some parade, and hundreds of police officers are at Westlake station, many on a bus.

talk on the phone for the weekly news briefing. bike around the arboretum. find the weirdest park on earth - complete with highways that just stop, climbing nodes on concrete posts that rise from the water, canoes, dogs, swimmers, signs that say "no digging".

go to class, chru, pick up some beautiful pictures.

take some things to the post office. sit in a patch of lovely grass on the arts quad to write clinical epi final exam. become displaced by hundreds of young children. find children fascinating for about five minutes. find myself horrified at the chaos that accompanies hundreds of unsupervised children. type final exam and do some editing.

last day of class. meetings downtown: looking at some pre-analyses, and listening to Hans talk about polymorphisms. watch the Virgin Suicides.

return video. read several articles that have been piling up for months. bike to gasworks to watch airplanes. stare at the sky for a while. a bald eagle is a thousand times more interesting than the blue angels. caffinate at solstice - which becomes invaded by hipmamas and their children. kids are everywhere these days. there is also a band called the Dolly Rogers. completely irrelavent - i think that the lead singer is a transvestite.

an unexciting day of work and reading.
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