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the only earth?

headline noticed, paper not purchased

If you didn't already care about global warming, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer ( + Associated Press ) provide you with a reason: the end of ski resorts by 2030.

Crystal and Steven's are probably safe for a while, but Europeans could be in trouble:
It appears clear that many resorts, particularly the traditional, lower-altitude resorts of Europe, will be either unable to operate as a result of lack of snow or will face additional costs, including artificial snowmaking, that may render them uneconomic [p-i]


ugh... stuff like this makes me want to cry.

"we can't support the kyoto accord because it will hurt our economic growth..."

one might think an unlivable planet might hurt economic growth too... but whatevs.

another one bites the dust..

lifeofbrian's stereotypical midlife crisis plan

<input ... > buy a convertible
<input ... > become a ski bum
<input ... > season tickets to the [college or nfl football team]
<input ... > buy a harley and join a biker gang

the bright side

might be a good time to buy mountaintop real estate.