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public service announcement


This Friday</strong>, my friend / former-housemate Tim Tinker is having an extra special holiday fund-raising art sale. Prices are expected to be "stupid cheap" for paintings, purses, suitcases, bricks, etc.

Show up at the house (4331 Thackeray Pl NE) at or after 7:00 pm on Friday 5 December with cash and walk away with art for yourself and for people on your shopping list.

You can look at Studio 301 for examples of his art. Among others, I think that this, this, and this will be for sale.


augh! i wish i can go to the art sale, he has a lot of cool paintings.
hmm. well if there's a particular piece you want, I could probably broker a deal!

Should I put this info on the website?
If you feel like adding it, go ahead, but I don't know if anyone uses the website.
Hey I'm already buying three paintings, but could you get two purses for me, if there are any adequately stylish ones? I trust your judgment.

Also, I owe you money for those cds. If you buy me two purses and give me a total, I'll paypal you.
I'm moving on up -- from fake agent to buyer!


Though at tonight's Art Walk, I realized that I haven't been much of a fake agent. I should've pushed tim to do this 30 canvas thing for Forgotten Works. Each artists got 30 canvases to paint in a month that sold for $35 each. I think $30 from each went back to the artist. People were buying them like crazy.