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chair, apartment

fly the whole mess into the sea

Yesterday, with Carole as my consultant I bought some furniture: a couch at Area 51, some chairs, a shelf, and a dresser at IKEA. The apartment is feeling less empty, but the kitchen and dining room are still in need of furnishings. I fell in love with a table for each room at Area 51, but I need to think about how much debt I want to get into just for pretty things.

After the death march through IKEA, loading, unloading, etc, Carole wasn't into seeing the Death Show at Luscious and I didn't want to go alone. So, we had dinner at a new [?] Ethiopian place on Olive called Queen Sheeba. Our food was great, but we were starving when we went in, reducing objectivity. We went back to the apartment and assembled some of the furniture before going to see 21 Grams.

Today, I assembled my dresser and moved the rest of my stuff.

Victrola1 is closing. I'm running out of laptop batteries. This has been a long weekend.


(1) With all of the computers here, it's weird that nobody appears on iChat's Rendezvous window. Maybe I don't understand.


i was almost going to be at victrola tonight.

Does Area 51 sell any wall coverings/art? What are their prices like? It looks really cool but I've never actually stopped in to take a look. I really want to find a huge pop art print.
Try Lipstick Traces (across the street from Area 51, they have a few prints from local artists), Roq La Rue (they usually have neat lithographs on sale during shows), Urban Outfitters (they do sell big colorful wall covering/prints), the Henry Art Gallery might have some prints and there are also a few stores on the upper part of Pike (a little above Broadway) that have local art/prints on sale but I can't remember the names of the stores and Confounded Books might have pop art prints on sale too.
I can't remember much about their wall decor other than: target practice prints, distorted reflectors, groovetubes, large letters from storefronts. You should take a look just for the fun of it.

killcity's suggestions are good too. I'll need to check them out myself. Also, my former housemate, Tim, is selling a bunch of his poppy (but not necessarily "pop art" and original not print) art for "crazy cheap" prices this Friday. I can give you the address if you're interested.

lust and jealousy

which couch did you get? if i know i'm walking past area 51 on any given day, i have to leave my credit card at home -- i really like some of their couches.

welcome to capitol hill! you should post if you're ever at top pot and i'll come spy on you.

Re: lust and jealousy

I bought one of the couches that allows the arms and back(s) fold independently. I don't know when I'll need to use it as a bed, but it's nice to have options. and it's fun to arrange it in strange configurations.


I'll be sure to post my locations as much as possible. Top Pot seems likely now that I don't live two blocks from Winchell's.
Ooh, Area 51 stuff is so neat. I hope your apartment is looking sharp.
It's getting there. I'm still evaluating the necessity of a dining room.
a) I am so jealous that you actually purchased furniture at Area51, this is my dream. You should get some of Stephen's boxes (but maybe straight from him, not from them). They are super hot. Do you even know what I'm talking about? It occurs to me now that you haven't been to Kailin and Steven's apt, that I know of;
b) Will you take pictures of your fantastic new living space?
c) I thought you meant Victrola was closing as in going out of business;
d) did I tell you I got a subscription to the Stranger? Life is better now.
a.1) It was a dream of mine too. Now I just need more money and space to complete the project. They have an excellent bar set that I would love to have (maybe instead of a dining room). It reminds me of Down With Love.

a.2) I don't really know what you're talking about. I remember hearing about boxes, but haven't been to the Kailin/Steven apartment.

b) I took some last night, but now I need to find the cable to connect my camera to my computer and bring the computer to the internet. I should probably hang some art and re-take the pictures so they will look nicer.

c) No. They seem to be doing fairly well. It will be a good solstice substitute. : /

d) I didn't know that a Stranger subscription was an option. That is very excellent.
Yes I had a satisfying series of communication with someone at the Stranger by the name of KevinS (I know this because that's his email). You can get six months of the Stranger for $39.99, so it's definitely not much of a deal if you live in Seattle, but it's perfect for me.
$39.99 is a steep price to pay to keep up with Kathleen Wilson's latest ramblings! Do they send it express mail so that you can decide to jet to Seattle for the Stranger Suggests items?