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Thanksgiving at Carole's turned out very nicely. It was a Very Felicity Thanksgiving. I don't know why, but that's how I think of all twenty-something away from family Thanksgivings. It was complete with regular doubts about the done-ness of the turkey, several people in the kitchen trying to do too many things at once. Everyone participated in the preparation process. Carole & I started by making Gløgg; later Jeff & I frantically read recipes and called Carole for assistance making side dishes -- green bean casserole and sweet potatoes. Many other cooking hyjinks took place. The work of the day was "caramelize" which was the excuse for the turkey confusion.

After eating pies prepared by Rachel, we had a very public health thanksgiving -- walking around Magnolia. We walked to a park and were surprised to find swings and other shadowy figures there. We continued walking until we came to a steep stairway that led us to houses that will probably fall into the ocean the next time we have an earthquake.

An hour later, we were back at the house and fairly tired; Martha went home, and the rest of us squeezed onto the couch to watch Rushmore.


I've been doing moving activities all day. Most of my stuff has now been moved from Wallingford to Capitol Hill. My new apartment is still very very empty and I have some IKEA re-assembly to deal with tonight. Maybe tomorrow morning, I'm beginning to feel exhausted.

Tomorrow, I plan to look for new (or used) furniture. Any of your suggestions for good shopping are appreciated!

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