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gleanings from the nyt

keep your cellphone number, change your carrier. but should I stay with SprintPCS?
For Omar Wasow, . . . few things are as valuable as his cellphone number . . . So he and many other cellphone users have been eagerly awaiting tomorrow, when a federal policy takes effect allowing people to keep their existing phone numbers when changing cellphone providers in the nation's 100 largest metropolitan areas.[nyt]

("New Rules May Set Off a Cellphone Scramble", Lynnley Browning)


live longer, be thinner and hungrier, the joys of calorie restriction:
To say Mr. Sherman is on a diet is to say NASA's Voyager spacecraft, still twinkling at the far edge of our solar system, is on a Sunday drive.[nyt]

("Food for Holiday Thought: Eat Less, Live to 140?", David Houchman)

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