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the trip will be merchandised

today has been a typical lazy Sunday. To avoid further cooking humiliation, toast for breakfast. Then running in the sun. Get home and spend a few hours chatting with the VHS all stars. After that I'm inspired to procrastinate so I design some merchandise for our quarter-century crisis. Get your shirts and totebags here.




If people offer a "Bless you" or even a "Gesundheit!" when you sneeze, does that obligate or peer pressure you into returning the favor when they sneeze?

hi jennifer (?)

In my opinion, you are not obligated to engage in pre-germ theory superstitions when your colleague eventually gets around to sneezing. If you want to make the sneezer feel better, you might follow the advice from the Seinfeld episoide, "The Good Samaritan" and say “You’re so . . . good looking”.

Perhaps you could start a modern tradition of offering the sneezer a sanitary hand wipe? Certainly this will do more to prevent further attacks than outdated incantations.

Hope this helps. These are complicated times.



The planet is a gunboat in a sea of fear

Re: Thom

wow. i guess classic radiohead lyrics beat random seinfeld references.