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i am not a stuffed tiger.

seattle p-i on the quest for cool

Today, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer tackles the pressing issue of "cool"

In other words, at the end of the day, no matter what kind of value we assign to our clothes and other objects we surround ourselves with, it's all about not feeling weak, alone and dull.

The article is unintentionally/painfully [?] funny. And strangely validating.


Oh dear... the sad part is that "cool" is immediately tied to purchasing behavior. James Dean, Kerouac, and Miles Davis are spinning in their respective graves.

Wait... they are all dead, right? :D
spinning away.

they're pretty obvious about their commercial focus: This is studying the choices people make in order to co-opt trends and make them part of successful marketing campaigns.

I guess co-opting trends is part of their definition of cool!
"Coolest place to have coffee: Starbucks"

Wow these cool guys sure are hot on the trail of coolness.
my thoughts exactly
of course, they later qualify it with the understatment of the year (decade?):

Starbucks (though it's possibly reaching the point of overcommercialization)


obviously, Seattle is ahead of the curve, since Starbucks is tied with Vivace and Bauhaus for coolness.

(do you get the reply to evan's comment?)

there are more starbucks in O'Hare than in the city of Detroit. what does that say about coolness?
of other local publication linked to "cool," the seattle weekly called the iPod, "iGod" which is also a little cool status link (in my mind).
the seattle papers are certainly on the cutting edge. thank goodness the j.o.a. keeps both of them running!
Starbucks, Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom?

One word: Eh...
I know. perfect, isn't it.

I love the picture of them at a "fifth avenue cafe".