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returning the borrowed umbrella

in a startling turn of events, the internet might have been useful, but wasn't. i walked for twenty minutes in the rain to a dark classroom because comcast was being stupid and not sending me my morning email to tell me that the professor had taken ill.

so now I'm at my office, a few more hours of potential productivity than expected.

With all of the unplanned nothingness of this morning, I finally listened to This American Life from a couple weeks ago: "The Annoying Gap Between Theory . . . and Practice" which featured two excellent stories about democracy. Act One, about Diebold and the problems of touch-screen voting was infuriating and a good primer on the subject if you haven't heard about why elections troubles get worse than hanging chads. Maybe it was the sort of dismal weather, but Act Two, about a freshman Detroit state representative was untraditionally heartbreaking (a bill dies on the floor).

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