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Phone Post:

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“i'm a wombat”

Transcribed by: multiple users


Re: new genius

I have absolutely no recollection of learning to type in middle school. I didn't think I ever took a typing class. All I remember about computer classes was having to write a program that drew a flag or something...I'm so confused about not remembering this at all. How bizarre. Was computers for the whole year? Or just half or a quarter? Why don't I know this???

Re: new genius

I don't think it was all year. Did it alternate with something? Quest? Gym?

Most of it was drawing pictures of the flag or ASCII rocket ships, but I remember doing typing patterns on those green screens sometime in Middle School. Eventually, I think that we learned to use a word processor and had to use it to write a letter. I think that Matt wrote something to Mr. Glaes [?] about how he was an idiot for cancelling Symposium.

Re: new genius

Yeah, maybe it alternated with Quest and then maybe with Home Ec and Tech Ed the later years? I still don't remember anything about typing, which is weird cause I remember way too much about middle school usually. Maybe I'd remember it better if I'd written mean letters to Mr. Glaes too.