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Phone Post:

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“i'm a wombat”

Transcribed by: multiple users


Transcribing these is fun!

new genius


I think this means that learning to type was a waste of time. Damn you seventh-grade typing class! that time could've been dedicated to an additional ASCII or BASIC drawing project.

Re: new genius

you didn't learn typing till 7tb grade? we got it in 4th, via PAWS (don't remember what it stands for but it had a cat that would frown if you made a typo). we had those green monitors. it was definitely the most valuable thing i learned in grade school.

Re: new genius

Some of the discrepancy may be accounted for my advanced age and public schools in the midwest. I'm pretty sure that we had a Commodore 64 at home when I was in elementary school, but I don't know that I was a proficient touch typist. When I was in fourth grade, the green screens (apple ][) were pretty exciting and were mostly restricted to carmen sandiego and print shop for those of us in the "gifted class". We didn't have a regular "computer class" until sixth grade. Maybe that's when we started typing?

Actually, I think it was the same for my sister who's four years younger than me; so maybe it was a curriculum decision.

Re: new genius

I believe you were right the first time. Keyboarding was a 7th grade class...possibly with the option for Keyboarding 2 in 8th grade? The books were by Cortez-somebody. Mostly, though, I remember catching influenza on the Oregon Trail.

Re: new genius

I have absolutely no recollection of learning to type in middle school. I didn't think I ever took a typing class. All I remember about computer classes was having to write a program that drew a flag or something...I'm so confused about not remembering this at all. How bizarre. Was computers for the whole year? Or just half or a quarter? Why don't I know this???

Re: new genius

I don't think it was all year. Did it alternate with something? Quest? Gym?

Most of it was drawing pictures of the flag or ASCII rocket ships, but I remember doing typing patterns on those green screens sometime in Middle School. Eventually, I think that we learned to use a word processor and had to use it to write a letter. I think that Matt wrote something to Mr. Glaes [?] about how he was an idiot for cancelling Symposium.

Re: new genius

Yeah, maybe it alternated with Quest and then maybe with Home Ec and Tech Ed the later years? I still don't remember anything about typing, which is weird cause I remember way too much about middle school usually. Maybe I'd remember it better if I'd written mean letters to Mr. Glaes too.

Re: new genius

I think that the confusing thing is that some people also took Typing in high school.


on the subject of school, did you see http://www.berkleeshares.com/ ?

Re: new genius

I have definitely become confused as I can see the room I did the typing in, but no longer know if it was in the high school or middle school. I feel old.

I didn't know about the berkleeshares. In line with MIT's recent endeavor of the same type. Very cool developments I think.

Re: new genius

the middle school computer room was part of the interior block of classrooms (no windows) near Mrs. Houston's old classroom. Mr. Johnson had a big desk in the front that faced a few rows of student desks, which were in front of a few rows of tables with the Apple ][e computers. The printers were in the back.

I didn't take typing (or any computers really) in high school. Was there a room other than the "escape from Mrs. Spade to cheat at computer scrabble" room? I think so. It was probably in the Business section?

ogg is for nerds

haha.. you posted your first one from bed too.