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i am not a stuffed tiger.

you can not wrestle a dove

Tonight, I went to Benaroya to hear Michael Chabon's Nextbook lecture. Most of his talk was related to Golems. I had to keep thinking "Golem ≠ Gollum." Though I'd read a couple of his books, I hadn't really thought of Chabon as a "Jewish-American" author; so it was an interesting/surprising perspective.

I've been watching Twin Peaks so I think I'll watch episode 5 before I go to sleep. Tim finished watching the first series before I did and has now rented season 2; so I need to catch up before his rentals are due!


"A Call to Apathy" from the new Shins album, Chutes Too Narrow is my new favorite song of the moment.


""Golem ≠ Gollum." "

that was a cool way to write it.
I even looked up the HTML code for "not equal to"!