josh (joshc) wrote,


So. the Rapture. Big fun.

I don't necessarily think that their music is the best thing ever, but everyone seemed to show up with the expectation of dancing. Which, in Seattle, means pseudo-mosh pit. Everyone seemed to be having a completely excellent time.

Chris, Adam, and I arrived and caught a few minutes of Out Hud, before returning to the lounge to drink. We eventually ran into Kailin & Steven and Doug, Ken, & Joe. Soon, everyone was bouncing around, sort of dancing in that "we don't really know how to dance, but whatever" way. I kept getting drawn through the cycle of moshish action. The guys in the Rapture are probably among the nerdier to get masses of people to try to dance.

Now, my ears are broken. We were drinking Red Bull, so I am not even remotely tired. But I will try to sleep since tomorrow isn't a random holiday.

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