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big (old) news

Peppermint mochas have returned to Starbucks. So have the other holiday beverages (gingerbread latte, eggnog latte) and the red cups, but those are much less exciting developments.

I've been meaning to post this since Thursday, when I was saved from hunger pains by one of these fantastic holiday creations.


it saddens my heart that the pumpkin scones no longer have their own tray.
oh, the peppermint mochas are the best! i was so sad last year when they stopped having them.

peppermint and chocolate is such a good combination. i'm definitely going to have a dick's peppermint sundae with chocolate sauce when i'm in seattle next.

do tall mochas at starbucks in seattle cost $3.25, or is that the NY price? a grande peppermint mocha will cost me $5. :(
The Seattle price is also $3.25. The prices weren't on the menu of the Starbucks in my office, so I can't confirm the grande or vente prices. $5 seems like a steep jump from tall to grande.

A tall is usually enough sweetness for me anyway.