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not there yet

From Pitchfork's review of the Rapture's newly-released album, Echoes:
What you're increasingly witnessing at every club, at every show, with every passing night, is the death of the horrible, awkward, uncomfortable tension of devoted music fans pretending not to enjoy music they have paid to see. [pitchfork]

The rest of the review is similarly brilliant and entertaining.

I meant to buy that CD yesterday, but decided that I'd get it if I went to their free set at the Capitol Hill Sonic Boom tomorrow at 7 pm. I bought the new Ryan Adams CD instead, but after reading the review, I think I might return it unopened.


if you liked gold, then you'll appreciate the new one. if you're more a fan of heartbreaker, then stick with the love is hell ep.

actaully, that brings up a good question - how many people are buying the album so they can get the ep for a penny, and then returning the full-length?
I don't know. I was thinking of adopting that strategy! The CD was so cheap (~$10) that it hardly seems worth it.

I liked both, but Heartbreaker was "better."
I'm going to see Ryan Adams in a couple of weeks but haven't got the new album yet.. nothing worse than going to a show of new material you're not familiar with... the review doesn't give me much confidence though. I'll look forward to your valued opinion if you buy it!
I already bought it, but haven't opened it. I thought that the Love is Hell, part 1 EP was O.K. It only cost a penny with the purchase of Rock and Roll.

Other reviews have been less severe, so it's not worth the effort to return it.