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called to see if you back was still aligned

Brunch at Louisa's was followed by being lazy at home for an hour before going to buy CDs at Sonic Boom and minor groceries at P.C.C. after which I read the New York Times while a football game was on television. Then, having not checked my phone, I realized that I was late for dinner. I met Rachel, Charles, Jon, and Elena at a Thai place a few blocks away. The food was o.k.

We then drove to Seattle Center to see Matrix Revolutions at the IMAX screen at the Pacific Science Center. We had to sit outside the theater, but inside the building with a line of fellow attendees in sweat-lodge conditions. Yes, they do go through the IMAX stuff before playing the movie (6 story tall screen, etc. etc.).

I don't know. It definitely wasn't good, but I was entertained, there were a couple of nice moments, and much the dialog was unintentionally funny. Contrary to popular opinion, I think that Reloaded was a little better, if only because some of the extended action sequences seemed more organic. part of the lure of the original was that the fight scenes were mostly grounded in "reality" -- with Smith and Neo flying around like superheroes setting off atomic bombs, the fights are less compelling. Overall, I think that I like the fact that the series is over.

Bring on Return of the King!

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