josh (joshc) wrote,

mundane Saturday

Morning frustration: I cannot fry an egg without breaking the yolk. This gets annoying after five attempts, so I give up and scramble the last two. So much for a fun little breakfast adventure.

After this I have the great idea to clean the bathroom. This took considerably longer than I thought it would. I am not careful with cleaning solutions and now my hands feel a tad burned. Nothing disfiguring, and now my life is a little cleaner.

Trillian fixed the AOL compatibility issue, so I was able to chat with Jenna for a while. She has now commented throughout my journal. How exciting (?/!) someone who actually knows me reading this. If only those readers would start their own journals, we'd have a more even playing field.

I think I'll stay home tonight since I spent a little bit too much at last night's Death Cab show. I can't resist a good t-shirt (or two), so no Damien Juardo tonight. Also, I have much to read.

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