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chair, apartment

everything is alright

Another first Wednesday, another stupid Dean meetup. I need to think of other ways to be involved, because I'm seriously underwhelmed by the meetups. A site coordinator didn't show up, so the old U-district hippies just went around talking about why they like Dean. I'm not being completely fair: a former state rep. explained the precinct process.

People seemed very enthusiastic about the campaign in general and about opting out of federal matching funds. I'm not sure how I feel about it. It's probably a necessary evil, but that doesn't make it seem particularly appealing.


given how much money bush has already raised, it's clear the dems don't have much choice.

all the same, i'm doubting dean's sincerity on this one. take a look at how the poll on his site is worded. he may claim he wants his supporters to decide, but he's doing a damn good job of making sure that they choose the option he wants.
I agree. The poll is just a formality.

It's kind of tacky. If he's using it to shield himself from criticism for backing out of a publicly financed system ("my supporters wanted me to do it"), George Bush could use the same excuse. It's just that Bush has wealthier donors.

It's really surprising that only 11% of taxpayers opt-in to the election financing.
apparently, when he was still an unknown, he promised to use public financing. if he can claim his supporters asked him to do otherwise, then he's provided with political cover. yeah, it's tacky & obvious.

most americans don't vote and 'hate politicians' (whatever that has ever meant). i'm not shocked they want to avoid any of their money going towards campaigns, regardless of the good it would do.
I guess so; but it doesn't raise the total tax that you pay; so why not?
people are lazy. checking off an extra box is a lot of work...

working meeting

Next Wednesday is the working meeting, you should probably start going to those and not to the meetups. They're really designed for 1st timers. Find out where yours is.

And I don't really think it's all that tacky to ask us our opinions, and I also don't think it's bad that he declines public money, when the money he's getting from us is basically the same thing. It's not like he's getting millions from stupid car companies or something like Bush.

Re: working meeting

The vote was more "asking for approval" than "soliciting opinion", just based on the wording and the premise.

Getting money from donors really isn't the same thing as getting money from federal matching funds. By declining to participate in the established system, both are opting out of certain campaign finance restrictions. I think that you're right about the way that Dean will handle it vs. Bush and agree that it's necessary.

Don't worry, I'm just being a little cynical. Dean's still the best hope out there for getting rid of Bush. Let's go to Vermont to campaign!

Re: working meeting

Yes, I do wish that both would go for public financing and therefore held to the same restrictions, etc. But with Bush, as you said, I think it's probably the best decision.

Dawn asked me if I was tracked out in January and then we could head to Vermont! But - - it's not so. Plus I'm totally house poor and can't travel at all for awhile.

Re: working meeting

thanks for the phone reminder, but I already had plans (and I didn't have details about a working meeting in Seattle). I am going to a GenDean event tomorrow, so maybe that counts for something.