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drinking in the dark

the un-recap of the weekend

the halloween pictures

(captions maybe later when I remember people's names)


Saturday: party #1 in Magnolia with overlapping social networks and mingling etc. party #2 in Capitol Hill packed full of people, music, and wonderful Sigfried & Roy photomanipulations. We ended upstairs in someone's room until we decided to go to another party but couldn't find it. I'm pretty sure that I fell asleep in the car because suddenly we were going home instead of out.

Sunday: one party in Fremont which was quieter than the other two. By the time we went to the Cha Cha lounge 2/3 were in costume and I had already had far too much to drink.


everyone in these pics are so shiney and beautiful


is the dopest costume ever. did his tie stay like that? the whole thing looks really convincing
what a lovely thing to say.

yeah. he put a wire in the tie so it stayed like that for the whole time.