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At today's CHRU Halloween party my eyes were opened to new directions in costuming. A woman at our office had a sumo ballerina costume. The costume had built-in fans to keep the suit filled with air. It was quite revolutionary. I hear that they're available at Fred Meyer.

After work, I met Chris who was looking for a costume. Something in the vintage stores on Pine left me with a sore throat. I suppose that's why people get rid of their clothing -- full of mold and dust. One of the stores had a monkey jumper, which made me wish that I could be a giant rabbit a la Donnie Darko. (or at least one of the furries from the Flaming Lips shows). I think this idea would require more spending than I can justify and time than I have available.

For the amount of time that I've spent thinking about Halloween, you might conclude that I was really into the holiday and costumes. It's actually just me caving into assumed peer pressure. Another woman at the office was talking about how one of her sons was too shy to dress-up for his school halloween party. I'm too shy not to.


Also: I woke up early this morning and had the vision of myself as a morning person again. I tried to actualize it by running while listening to This American Life on my iPod. This was only a marginal success.

But: on the way to work (at Starbucks, sorry) I found a ten dollar bill. This is the second time in a few weeks that exercise has indirectly led to my financial gain!

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