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Most of today was consumed with biostatistics for genetic epidemiology. I had class in the morning and had to work on the homework all afternoon. At least the Health Sciences Library is now bathed in consistent WiFi -- All the convenience of books on reserve with convenient personal computing distractions!

(I'm in favor of having a wireless campus, but I don't pretend that it will be used primarily for academic purposes)

After turning in my homework, I found a Vancouver Expo '86 T-shirt at Red Light. This will be a brilliant addition to the cliche costume. I bought the new Strokes CD too, but I haven't listened to it.

The new season of 24 looks good. Looks like they found a way to keep the daughter around without having her kidnapped four or five times in a day. It's too bad that they couldn't find sponsors to make every episode commercial-free. I don't know why that model doesn't work.

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