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squirrel on fire!

This American Life is trying to raise money to help WBEZ cover the $100,000 it costs to stream its archived shows in RealAudio. If you donate fifteen dollars, you will get this fantastic gift:

Click here to donate

In addition to T.A.L. being the best thing ever, how can you resist that patch?


I don't think I like the gift of a squirrel on fire : (
It's not on fire, it's floating gently and safely to the ground beneath a yellow/orange parachute.
The sad thing is that it is actually a squirrel on fire, from a story about a bad first day on the police force, " first day".

But your explanation is a much less traumatic.
It's from a T.A.L. story, "Squirrel Cop" from First Day.
i want that patch so bad
holly hell
well, give them $15 already!