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stop the presses!

"The New York dog is different from the national dog . . . The national dog has sort of a Midwestern look, well mannered with a good groom. Maybe a golden Lab. The New York dog is streetwise, spunky, intelligent. It's the kind of dog that would say: `Arghruff! Make my day.' "

dog slideshow: beware unbearable cuteness ahead!

The New York Times conducted a dog census based on licensing records. They present statistics about the prevalence of dog ownership (guardianship?) by age group, reveal the most commonly owned breed by ZIP code, and list the most popular dog names. Maps, slideshows, and video links are available for further perusal.


Funny that the chihuahua's are predominant in..the Spanish Harlem! I would bet that the Portland area probably has a high number of pugs.
I know -- They seem to be all the rage in the NW!

That slideshow reminded me about how much I'd like to have a real dog (no offense to [Unknown LJ tag], but to me, real dogs fetch).
Now only if they'll start making bonsai dogs like their bonsai kitten counterparts. Then NY would be booming with dog owners.


the site isn't real.. someone sent me that link in highschool (like 96 or 97) and i guess it's still up.

Re: disclaimer

It's a good thing that you posted that disclaimer. I was about to turn you in to the ASPCA for aiding and abetting animal miniaturization and confinement fetishists!

Re: disclaimer

it's all in the name of science.