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filtered water and pictures of you

What a bad day not to be able to find my umbrella. I don't think that I've needed it since I moved this summer. Now I have no idea where it is. And it was so small and thin and flat.

Something about being drenched or it being Monday and I didn't get anything done at the office.

Jon, Rachel, and I went to the Irish Emigrant for quiz night. Of all of the quiz nights that we've failed at, this was definitely the most enjoyable: lots of quick rounds, BINGO, puzzles, etc. Once we convince a few more people to join us, we might have a chance.


a) anything that if thin and flat is good
b) you should have text messaged me, I would have helped you cheat at trivia. I've done it before.
a) obviously. but I don't know if I should keep looking or buy a new one from the sharper image. really. the record for most rain in seattle ever has been broken, how likely is it that it will happen again. -> no need for an umbrella!

b) we needed so much help that it wouldn't have fit on a text message.