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chair, apartment

bored in their suburbs / robots water the lawn

The neighbor was raking his concrete this morning. If you don't get the dirt off the driveway first thing in the morning, who knows what could happen. The whole place, to hell in a handbasket. And why have alarm clocks anyway?

All afternoon was a techfee retreat to the South Campus Center. It seems like every function in the past month has featured one of those multi-vegetable segmented bowl platter hybrids with a tub of ranch dressing at the center. You can tell that ranch dressing is the worst possible food from a nutrition standpoint since it induces people to eat broccoli and cauliflower. And it is amazingly good, but only in full fat variety.

The house is mysteriously empty. Even Flash is gone.

I walked to Musashi's to pick up something to eat while watching Solaris. It is sort of a great movie, or a movie that I think is great. Not a lot happens, but it looks great and is kind of unresolved and thought provoking and nonlinear.

I expected it to be longer, and decided to start reading Things You Should Know. You should click the link back there, just to see the weird dog on the front cover. That dog is crazy!


I just read Things You Should Know...I thought it was amazing.
I'd read a couple of her stories in McSweeney's, so when I saw the book on the remainders table I knew that I needed to buy it. I've been reading it on-and-off and have continued to be impressed.
The colors in Solaris are nice, especially the planet and the interior of that spaceship thing.
yeah. sometimes (/most of the time) that's enough for me. as long as the plot or acting isn't intrusively bad.