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the weather will hold / it's been ever so ever so grey

We had a office warming party today for our new student office / cube farm. We received many wonderful decorations from the main office dwellers including a vintage Pee Wee Herman doll (with original packaging) that talks when prompted by a pulled string! Some people cooked, but my potluck item was Zeek's pizza.

When the festivities were over, several of us went to campus to hear Helen's dissertation defense. For a moment, it was pretty exciting / suspenseful since her GSR was late. But it ended up going very well once everyone arrived.

I went from the reading to Kane to get in line for standby seating for Sarah Vowell. While in line, I monitored the Cubs game with "game day" from <"></a> on the wireless until I saw Amy. We waited and as people from the standby line got tickets, the people at the front inherited a "tickets wanted" sign scrawled on notebook paper. When we reached the front of the line, Lucia came in with two extras.

Sarah Vowell read one story from her book, The Partly Cloudy Patriot and a new story about a bed and breakfast. During the questions, she admitted to liking Dean among the 2004 democrats, but said that she found Clark attractive.

One the way out, I ran into Evan and got a tour of his new apartment before continuing back home by way of Thai-ger Room for dinner. After eating, Flash and I spent the next couple hours on the couch with Law & Order and a sleeping bag. [ basset hound + sleeping bag ]

I should do that last homework question for tomorrow's class.

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