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Just as I'm thinking about signing a lease for a place in Capitol Hill, I find out that the area might be "inheriting [an] alcohol problem" from Pioneer Square.

Alas, the city is planning on expanding the "Alcohol Impact Areas" from Pioneer Square to include Capitol Hill and the University District:
Along with banning certain types of cheap beer and wine with high alcohol levels, such as Thunderbird and Night Train Express, the sale of beer in single cans or bottles is prohibited in designated areas.

There's still time to get your Mickey's, King Cobra, or Olde English. The first hearings on the new A.I.A.s isn't until December 4.


On the Night Train

I hope that if the banning of the preferred choice of alcoholic beverages for street alkies happens, it will help to some degree. I highly doubt it will but the problem has been getting worse the past year. A drunk bum who was asking my friend and I for change followed us, stared at us from the window of the restaurant we were eating at and then came into the restaurant to talk to us.

For now, its all about the Olde E and 40s of Mickeys

Re: On the Night Train

That's horrible!

I hope that it helps too, but it seems like a strange solution. I can't imagine that all of the homeless drunks will move out to Lynnwood when they can't get malt liquor in town. I'd imagine that they want to be in high-traffic areas. At least they might not be as drunk?

I guess we'll eventually just need to buy multi-packs of malt liquors for home use.
What does this mean for the 40s they sell at the Cha Cha?
Could it be the end of an era? I'm sure there's a loophole.

they better not..

touch the pbr.

Re: they better not..

I don't think that the alcohol content is high enough to count as malt liquor! Otherwise, there would be real riots in the street!

Re: they better not..

there hasn't been a good riot since november '99. i think it's about time for one.

we moved to an apartment on the north end of summit (by top pot doughnuts) about 3 or 4 months ago. i absolutely love our neighborhood, it feels safe, clean, and pleasant. if you go 4 blocks uphill to broadway, it sucks. it really, really sucks. unfortunately, going to broadway is a necessity 3 or 4 times a week to get groceries, eat out, whatever.
Didn't you just move to Wallingford? Why the urge to come to the Hill so quickly? :)

I live near Lowell Elementary (north side of the Broadway Panhandling District) and it is quite nice. Cal Anderson is having problems because of the reservoir construction, they kicked everyone who used to hang out inside the park to the street and now the neighbors can actually see what had been going on for years behind the trees and they are upset.

CH rocks because it is close to fun and entertaining people and watering holes (and the Cha Cha and Chop Suey if that's your bag).
yes, but it was sort of a sub-lease situation. when I moved in, it seemed possible that we'd extend the lease on the house, but now two of my housemates are looking into getting live/work space. based on their budget, it's unlikely that this space will be very comfortable or close to anything.

So why not Capitol Hill!

hmm. it looks like the place that I'm looking at will be close to the cal anderson refugees -- on 12th & Thomas.
Actually that area is not very close to the Cal Anderson park at all, it is closer to the north side than anything else. I am on Roy and 11th, a few blocks west. Not a bad area to be in.