josh (joshc) wrote,

this grey weekend

the morning
I can't remember anything about yesterday morning except that I probably ran some laundry through the machines and watched the Cubs lose to the Braves. Somewhere in there I walked down to the drugstore (second only in productivity/accomplishment quotient to the post office) and bought a burrito on the way back. Later, when I went out for a peppermint hot fudge sundae, Dick's was overrun by people for some unknown reason.

the plaza
I went to campus to see Howard Dean arriving for a speech. The plaza in front of Meaney was modestly filled with people who had been given placards or been stickered. People milled about and looked at the other side of the rope line. If the grass was growing or doing something interesting, I missed it. I talked to Joe for a few minutes and met a couple of UW students for Dean [yet another Dean website]. An hour of waiting and some sporadic cheering later, the candidate arrived and made his way along the line of people shaking hands and briefly commenting. I shook his hand and took some pictures, but they don't really stand up to this photo manipulation masterpiece. Networking events followed the brief appearance, but I couldn't really deal with being alone in a crowd so I went home.

When I arrived, Al was cooking lasagne for everyone, validating my anti-stranger/social instincts. We had dinner, played Taboo, and went to the Excalibur before it closed for the evening. We were the only customers, but the bartender (Doreen) seemed amused by us. Maybe it was because we were sort-of wearing costumes. After the bar, we returned to the house and watched some of the very unfunny SNL.

ten hours of sleep
I slept forever. And then it was time for brunch. We walked up the street to the Jitterbug, where they lied to us about the amount of waiting that would be required. Despite the hurried schedule, everyone enjoyed their semi-yuppie breakfasts before attending to other obligations.

the rest
I did some chores around the house, briefly napped, and went to solstice [playing the Nevada Bachelors, which reminds me of my first year in Seattle] to read the newspaper and work on some projects for work. Now I'm typing this and thinking that I'll probably need to eat something before the end of the day.

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