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the weather, briefly mentioned.

Another day of meetings at work, followed by my departmental happy hour. I went early to secure tables, but didn't anticipate the first friday of classes crowd at the Big Time. I got a table before anyone arrived, and our group was eventually able to secure other locations. The turnout was decent, so we're going to try to continue to have a couple per month.

After an hour and a half of happiness, Carole, Rachel, and I retired to the newly-redecorated Solstice (now serving food items) for dessert, hanging out, and paper-reading.

When we'd exhausted the cafe potential, Rachel and I went to see thirteen at the Egyptian. The movie was good, but not pleasant. Along with The Secret Lives of Dentists, it sort of builds a strong [but different] case against procreation.
Not that it was meant to be a feel good movie. Actually, I can't really imagine wanting to see a "feel good movie" anyway. I'm not necessarily against happy movies, just ones that are specifically contrived/created to hit the conventional feel good plot points. Nevermind.

By the time the movie was over, Capitol Hill was cold and covered in fog. Everything looked amazing.

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