josh (joshc) wrote,

first thursday

I don't know. Class in the morning, work in the afternoon. Back at home for a couple hours and then off to first Thursday in Pioneer Square with Tim, Whitney, Chris, Geoff, and Malinda. We focused on the Forgotten Works warehouses and saw a lot of mediocre art, a few good pieces, photos of naked people covering their special places with symbols, and a crappy cabaret show.

Later, we ventured down the street to the bar at the University Plaza Hotel. We walked through the regular lobby, through the merrie olde hallway to find that the gates to the Excalibur lounge had been sealed promptly at 10 pm. On our way out, the desk clerk said that we should've been there twenty-five minutes ago. Unfortunately, time keeps moving forward; so we bid him adieu and opted for a pitcher at O'Shea's.
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