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I chased buses all day. Or at least it felt that way.

At the office, I had meetings all day. One was interesting, and might be useful toward my dissertation, which is slowly coalescing around inflammation and mRNA. The others were O.K. too. I'm not an enemy of meetings.

I was home for about ten minutes when I remembered that the Dean meetup was at seven (and not eight). So I caught a bus to Piecora's, which involved missing a bus and walking to the U-District first.

The meetup was actually rather boring. Whenever someone in the audience wanted to talk about something, the leaders referred to a list of websites. Instead of talking about how caucuses work, they were eager to get to the letter writing, which (I thankfully report) took the place of "the great american conversation" role playing. The committee wants endorsements from the Gores (Al & Tipper, no mention of the daughters), Bill Bradley, and Jesse Jackson. I find this humorously ambitious at this stage.

At home, I watched the West Wing. For an episode featuring a transfer of presidents, bombing terror cells, and solving a kidnapping, the show was amazingly boring. Any of those topics could be a movie, but the episode focused on people sleeping, drinking coffee, writing speeches. and talking about Harvard.


Jesse Jackson.. yikes.

Having an endorsement from Al Gore would definitely help Dean's platform.
I don't think he [Jackson] is particularly bad. But it's doubtful that he'd endorse anyone while Sharpton and Mosley-Braun are still in the race. Same for the Gores. I can't imagine that they'd endorse Dean while former running-mate Lieberman and congressional buddy Gephardt are still pretending to have a chance. Even then, there are Clinton connections with Clark.

But what do I know?
I went to the Columbia City one, it was pretty good. I was a racial minority, which felt weird and awesome at the same time. Prof Locke gave a great speech about why African-Americans should be supporting Dean and not one of the African-American candidates.
I'm glad to hear that my boring meetup was the anomaly!
So did you write some letters? I did. I thought it was weird, too - but I had had so much coffee I was wired. WIRED!

I'm also a little un-impressed w/WW. I still love it, but sort of in that you-still-love-your-husband-after-you-find-out-he's-an-alcholic-and-it-takes-awhile-to-let-him-go way.
I did write letters: to the Gores and to Jesse Jackson. I had just finished a beer; so they were seemed pretty funny at the time.

I don't know about the West WIng. It may be time for some tough love. That last episode was inexcusably boring.
so funny. I also wrote to those two.

we'll see how tonight's episode is. I could always call you and warn you ahead of time.

everytime I say the phrase "coming up in 2 days" or any amount of days I think of your birthday song. I said that today, about field day which is "coming up in 2 days"