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The secret show wasn't as overflowing as I expected. In fact, it was pretty sparse when I arrived late worrying about not being able to get in. Perhaps the $15 entry fee or the comfort of an open secret let people feel comfortable not rushing the doors at eight. Or maybe it was the fact that both bands play in town pretty often.

Anyway, people started showing up and the main area was modestly full by the time Death Cab For Cutie played. Both of the bands played really long sets. Two-fourths of the Long Winters were there and engaged in a lot stage banter. Death Cab mixed some old stuff in with most of their new CD, Transatlanticism. I had already heard (the evil internet) the new album: it probably isn't their best album, but I am liking it more and more as I listen to it.


Today I went to class. Second time's a charm I guess. On the way home I got lunch at the Thai-ger Room, which left me wanting a nap. When that didn't succeed, I went to Green Lake to read and ended up walking around the lake instead. At least I used my time to give serious consideration to the "How the World Should Sound All the Time" compilation project mentioned in my last post. Feel free to contribute suggestions, though we can't guarantee agreement.

Back at home, I watched baseball with Tim and had sushi for dinner. I ordered way too much food from Musashi's, but since Tim was hungry it wasn't wasted. The Cubs won. Tuesday night television is otherwise pretty horrible. Even Law & Order is crammed with messages and empowerment to go along with the "special victims".

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