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This track from the Lost in Translation soundtrack deserves to be included on your "How The World Should Sound All The Time (or at least Some of The Time)" compilation album:

[ Death In Vegas - Girls ]


The other day at Sonic Boom, Ben Lashes was working and playing the new Lashes CD. It seemed kind of funny, but the album sounded good.


i might check out the album, but i saw the lashes open for ted leo wednesday night - they sucked. every rockstar cliche possible, and the music sounded wholly uninspired & bland.
yes. I think that's their schtick.
If you're interested, I have the soundtrack to Lost in Translation (it was sent as part of a promotional pack, along with tshirts and some other goodies).

I also think I saw you tonight. Were you at the "secret" Long Winters/Death Cab show tonight at the Croc?

(I was just deleting the link to the song and noticed that many of the comments to this post didn't thread. I think it might have been a S2 problem?)

missed connections

Thanks! I already bought the CD, but would probably be interested in the other promotional goodies!

I saw you too (I SAW U2?) at the secret show. At one point you were talking to John Roderick and I didn't want to interrupt. Later, when I saw you walking out the door, DCFC started playing a two-song encore.

Re: missed connections

oh gosh, that was awhile ago.

I think we left early because we were both fairly tired. We also drove to Spokane the next evening to see the full show there.

"How the World Should Sound All the Time"

I think it's time to seriously start working on that compilation. We've got enough--at least enough for an EP.

Okay, so, here's what I can think of before I run out the door to get on the train:
1. death in vegas (good pick)
2. Consequence (notwist, neon golden, #10)
3. Weight of My Words (Four Tet remix, Kings of Convenience, off Versus)
4. Green Grass of Tunnel (Mum)
5. #3 or #4 (or both?) off Sigur Ros ()

I'm open to argument/suggestion/amendment, but I am serious. I always hear songs and think "Oh! That's how the world should always sound!" and then I forget. It's time to get serious, Josh.

Re: "How the World Should Sound All the Time"

I agree. We need to keep adding to the list.

I think there could also be room for the Microphones or Pinback. I love the Granddaddy track from 28 days later, but I don't think it's quite right. There's also a song on the OK Go CD that could theoretically be worth considering. I'll need to spend some more quality time with my iPod.

The problem/challenge is: we need to be pretty picky if it's how the world is supposed to sound all the time. I'd hate to mine my current collection for close, but not exactly perfect, choices.

When I reply to Joe's comment, do you also get notified?
I would like to add:

6. something off Unrest by Erlend Oye (Prego Amore?)

7. and maybe "Projects" by Ash (fits the "how the world should sound" moniker but may be too heavy compared to the others)
I listened to Unrest today to see if any of them fit. I think it would need to be one of the ones from the end of the LP. It's kind of funny how the world should be lyrically sparse and kind of computery sounding.

There are many Four Tet songs that could go on the compilation. I think that I'd have to go with "Slow Jam" (or possibly "My Angel Rocks Back and Forth") from Rounds. Maybe "Everything is Alright" from Pause.

Is the background for my favorite minute of television ever Four Tet?
(no i don't get notifitied)

From your comment to me, and this: this is why it should be an EP. We don't want to get out of control. The would should definitely be lyrically sparse and kind of computery sounding. I totally agree.

I have a better idea actually, and a fun project: all three of us (plus whoever else wants to join) should make a compilation of the songs we think should be how the world sounds all the time, and then swap. Since maybe my conception of how the world should sound all the time is a little different then yours and Joe's. What do you guys think?
I'm definitely more in favor of a consensus-based approach to the project.
i apparently didn't get this memo until now, because i made my own mix.
I'm definitely more in favor of a consensus-based approach to the project.
wow, that is an awesome commercial! I don't think it's four tet though, it's too piano-y.
that's o.k.

we can treat this as a first draft / nomination round, or something like that. or maybe the world can sound slightly different for everyone.

everything is alright.

and I replied to the wrong comment.

I think that you're right about it not being a Four Tet track. I remember it being different when it aired, but that's probably just bad memory.
Wow, that is a really good song!

(BTW, why aren't the comments threaded on your LJ when I reply to another comment?)
I don't know. Maybe it's this new s2 style? I'm not sure that I like it.
that's a good death in vegas song. you should take a listen to this song by 1 Mile North.
thanks! I like it a lot. Maybe it will go on the htwssatt mix!