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the rest

After the morning disappointment, watching cartoons, and reading, I went to get lunch in Fremont where I bought CDs at Sonic Boom -- the Wrens, singles from the Shins and Spoon -- and spent some time in the sun under the Aurora bridge.

Later, I went over to Carole's for dinner. She cooked a lovely butternut squash curry apple potato soup. Jon brought bread and cheese, I brought wine and pie from PCC. The soup was too much and the pie remained untouched.

After dinner and sitting on the couch listening to music, we didn't feel like drinking or going out and it was too late to see a movie so we went to see Anaphalaxis. The acting and the production and the writing were surprisingly good and the whole thing seemed like a George Saunders short story. [ "Jon", a George Saunders short story ]


interesting article.. i used to jog and ride my goped through that lot all the time.
there is now a security guard to tell bikers that they aren't allowed to ride on the Adobe steps down to the park. I don't know if the policy applies to Gopeds.
what about this contraption?
I think it would take the guard too long to process the proper warning for such a device.

sometimes i love the stranger

even if the content is terrible, there's always The Stranger: A Critical Overview for redemption.