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the only earth?

this just in

maybe someday I'll be creative and link to something not in salon, slate or the new york times, but for now,

late breaking news: U.S. Income Gap Widening.

Read it. There will be a quiz.


i wonder what's happening to the middle/upper middle class?
they're busy being tokens of the top 1%'s agenda.
I told you that there would be a quiz!

The middle fifth had an average after-tax income of $41,900 in 2000, a rise of 15 percent both since 1979 and 1997, indicating a long period of no real economic gains for this group.

. . .

From 1979 to 2000, the total federal tax burden for the top 1 percent dropped 3.8 percentage points, but for the middle fifth the decline was only 1.9 percentage points. Tax rates for the poorest fifth declined 1.6 percentage points.