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hobbit porn please.

last night was Tim's birthday. [ Well, it was his birthday all day -- see 8 am phone calls for evidence.] So a bunch of people went to dinner at 611 Supreme, which is even better than I'd heard it was. So, if you're looking for a new favorite creperie, look no further!

At home, we played the question game. One of the questions reminded me of the awful (/hilarious) photo manipulation site of Lord of the Rings porn that was linked everywhere a few months ago. Of course, I couldn't find it. Google returns over 9,1000 sites for the search "hobbit porn". What? Should I be shocked, or disappointed? Anyway, if you remember the link send it my way.


More work today. The students were recently relocated to a much larger office. It is much better in terms of not being overcrowded in a small space, but it is kind of horrible not to have any windows. I just hate these fluorescent lights.

I think I'll go home now.


fluorescent lights are the devil's spawn.
I agree with you completely. I am nowhere near a window, so I spend my days surrounded by fluorescent lights that hurt my eyes and make me crazy. I don't care how impractical it is, but all offices should have at least some natural light source. Fluorescent light is cruel and unusual torture.
it would be a great marvel of civil engineering to make my office have a natural light source. perhaps you should start designing buildings rather than bridges ... cubicle dwellers everywhere would revere your name. you'd be more famous than frank lloyd wright or i. m. pei, and certainly more famous than any ol' civil engineer has ever been.
Holy donkeys, you're a genius! I've been in the market for a new job anyway, so I might as well have one that will make me famous. This might even be a better "get rich quick with a new job" plan than my Country Ways workshops...



Josh mentions hobbit porn and you all don't bother even discussing that but instead talk about lighting!!



at least someone can stay on topic!


you dont know me

hi there.
im afraid you dont know me..i actually dont know you either. i just stumbled upon your site by mistake. i thought i might sayhi any way. hi well ..bye